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Our Capabilities

Top quality workmanship and quick turn around

With our stock of many ball and plug valves, all common pipe sizes, and our ability to machine custom fittings to unique applications, you can count on MSS to provide the fastest turnaround in the industry while also delivering the only API-certified, non-OEM modifications.  We are audited by all major OEMs, allowing you to trust that whether you buy material from us or send us your own to work on, it will maintain factory warranty and API recognition.


Valve extensions and modifications

  • Pipe pups and transitions

  • Gear extensions, elevation, bypass

  • Pressure bypass lines

  • Bypasses

  • Flange addition, modification, removal


Testing and Inspection

  • Proactive and reactive maintenance and repair services

  • API6D and extended shell hyrdo, seat air and gas testing; 3rd party witnessed

  • Non-destructive testing: X-ray, die pen and...


Fabrication and other capabilities

  • Launcher and receiver skids

  • Meter skids and assemblies

  • Gear waterproofing for below ground applications

  • Installation of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators and controls

  • Field retrofits

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